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-Sylvama Rossetti

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Spaghetti Challenge

One thing Josh loved and thought was the very best was his mom's homemade spaghetti!
Linda puts a little bit of this, and touch of that, a pinch of this, but most of all a whole lot of love.

I thought this was a cute poem when I saw it and had to share because it made me think of Josh and how he thought his mom's spaghetti was simply the best! 

The Spaghetti Challenge
By: Leslie D. Perkins
My mom’s spaghetti is the best;
no other mom can beat it;
and every time she cooks it
I can hardly wait to eat it.

 I twist the strands around my fork
with wonderful control,
but as I raise them to my mouth
they fall back in the bowl.
 I twirl the noodles once again
with all the skill I’m able,
but as I lift them up to eat
they tumble to the table.
I spin my fork; spaghetti winds
around and round once more;
but as it nears my waiting lips
it slithers to the floor.
My mom’s spaghetti is the best;
no other mom can beat it;
but I would like it better
if I got a chance to eat it.

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