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Monday, November 8, 2010

Your thoughts... during or after rut season?

Deer hunting is best in October and November because of the slow shift in weather and the annual mating season. There are some tips to be aware of to have the most success hunting deer in November.

  Hunters can passionately debate whether it's better to hunt bucks during or after the November rut season. There are advocates for both early- and late-season hunting. There's no right or wrong answer to this debate; no one week or day is better than any other. Your success depends on how you adapt your behavior to what the deer are doing at the time.

Rut Season
  November is prime deer mating season. During the rut, as it's called, male bucks get distracted by the urge to mate. These bucks are worn down from eating less food and traveling farther to find does. It may be easier to locate bucks because they are more likely to be out in open territory. If you find does, you can set up a hunting stand there and you'll be sure to see bucks pass by.

Does Rut Season Vary?
  The rut season actually changes little from year to year, varying only by location. A study performed by biologists from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (see Resources section) showed consistent deer ruts throughout the fall and winter, with October and November peaks, broken down by hunting district.

  Hunting bucks after the rut has passed is another favorite time because their behavior patterns have changed again. While bucks were acting crazy during the rut, afterward they return to focusing on eating and sleeping. It can actually be easier to track bucks after the rut because they'll vary their habitats and behavior less.

By: Elton Dunn
 eHow Contributor

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