Genuine kindness is no ordinary act, but a gift of rare beauty.
-Sylvama Rossetti

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Smiling at the wonderful memories...

Tragedies certainly bring their fair share of grief, but in the last 3 years I've slowly realized they teach us life lessons that truly make us better people. Whether its being grateful for what you have, deciding to live each day to the fullest, or just being a better overall person a tragedy can certainly be a positive. With that said, my mom, sister and myself are thankful today that we still have each other and that we had josh for 25 beautiful years. In honor of him we will watch his favorite movie (the burbs), visit one of his life long best friends, and dabble with a little bit of his brew of choice, miller lite. Most importantly, days like today teach me to treat each and every person I interact with in a positive manner. You never know what that person deals with on a daily basis. 
For that I can thank you Josh. 
I Love you and miss you.
-Joe (written on July 21, 2013)

"A big brother is a girls first best friend." I couldn't have asked for a better big brother, best friend, partner in crime, role model growing up, a shoulder to lean on, and the advice you gave me that was always right weather I listened or not. Missing you today and always! And smiling at all the memories we have!!
-Marcia (written on July 21, 2013)

always....and never...

there will always be a certain sadness
when I see something or hear something
that reminds me of you

there will always be an emptiness
when I watch our show or sing that song
the way that we used to

there will always be moments when
I find myself lost in thoughts of
everything I wished I'd said

there will always be today and
a hope that I'll wake and not have
the pain of losing you in my head

there will always be an ache in my heart
on your birthday or special days
that we're supposed to celebrate

there will never be a day that goes by
that I don't think of you and miss you
and really question fate

Author Notes

losing a loved one is a pain that never goes away
© kidaca. All rights reserved, a year ago

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