Genuine kindness is no ordinary act, but a gift of rare beauty.
-Sylvama Rossetti

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I will see you again xox

It's true what they say, when a child is born,
a mother's heart is no longer her own,
It runs and skips and giggles and grins, 
And crawls in her lap, for a kiss on the chin,
But where goes her heart, when that child is gone,
Is it true what they say, that life goes on. 

A thousand moments & the clock still ticks,
The years, the months burn slowly as a candles wick,
Does the passage of time mean it should make sense,
Can loss be measured in time increments?
As I yearn for the day when I'll again see my son, 
Is it true what they say, that life goes on.

I still breathe in and out and arise every day,
And work, and struggle, and yes, even play,
Things will get better, I've been told many times,
But "different" is the status for those left behind, 
Time can't heal all wounds nor break all bonds, 
Can it be true what they say, that life goes on.

In the air and wind, I feel your strong embrace,
And your kisses from butterflies that land on my face,
I see your smile in the beams of the sun, 
The twinkle of your eyes now shines in Heaven,
And I hear your laugh in the lyrics of song,
I find peace in my heart knowing, 
that life goes on and I will see you again.

By: C. McDonald 

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