Genuine kindness is no ordinary act, but a gift of rare beauty.
-Sylvama Rossetti

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Red Maple Tree...

The most common tree with beautiful, bright scarlet leaves, is found all over the east coast of America. It is found growing in Manitoba and Newfoundland to Florida and even as far as East Texas. The red Maple tree can grow in different types of soil and can even grow on mountains with an elevation up to 6,000 feet. The red Maple is the first to flower in spring and has a short lifespan of only 150 years. These trees reach maturity only after 70 to 80 years of its life. The soft wood is used to make low cost wood furniture and in wooden crafts. The sap is tapped to harvest small quantities of sap. This shady tree is a source of food for white tail deer and elk. Red Maple is a fast growing tree and is susceptible to many pests and diseases.

The Red Maple reminds me of Josh.
Just as the Red Maple shares it's beautiful bright scarlet leaves-
Josh shared a warm smile with all of us.
The Red Maple can grow in different types of soil, even on a mountain top.
Josh worked hard at making his business successful, always putting in a long day and top notch work.
He faced challenges with resilience and always tried to rise above without complaints.
The Red Maple is the first to flower and has a short lifespan...
Josh was the first born bringing such joy and happiness, just as the Red Maple- his life was far too short.
Thoughts of Josh and the Red Maple both take my breath away with their beautiful spirit.
We miss you so much Josh xoxo
Love, Aunt Jobeth xox

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